The flows are designed with Pranayama (breath practices), to calm the body, mind and spirit while getting a balanced work out, with the awareness of self-care, leaving the body energized, strengthened, rejuvenated, happy and relaxed.

Each class is unique and planned for the participants present.  It is suggested to be ideal for a person to practice yoga at least twice a week to feel the benefits.  With the combination of yoga twice a week, Awakening Yoga classes by Beverley are designed to experience both the Yang yoga practices, to create strength, stability and support for the spine and whole body by synchronizing breath and movement, through a gentle to moderate energetic flowing practice, modifications are encouraged.  To notice increased energy, strength and flexibility bringing balance to the body mind and heart.

With the invitation to Yin Yoga, intertwined into the weekly practice, through a gentle restorative practice of longer held poses, we invite the body to open naturally, to experience space, and freedom of tension and blockages with-in the body, allowing circulation and ease.  In Yin yoga we get deep into the connective tissues and the joints to bring health and vitality.

  • Making each class a balanced physical practice paired with breath-work, and relaxation. It is for anyone that enjoys being on their mat or anyone new to yoga.GENTLE TO MODERATE YOGAThis Gentle to Moderate practice is done with the intention of waking up the muscles and joints through breath and movement, self-massage techniques to relieve physical and mental tension to energizing your mind and body in preparation for your day ahead. This class offers flow movements with some longer held poses, some therapeutics, and yin yoga mixed in as well followed by a restorative mediation making this a well-balanced class your body will appreciate

    Yang is the yoga most people are familiar with as an active practice which utilizes muscular energy which will move us into a strength building practice that focuses on alignment and pranayama (breath).  Once stretched, the body finds a sense of ease allowing us to close the practice with a short meditation

    Note: No yoga experience required for this class.



    Yin yoga originates from the ancient traditions of yoga & Chinese medicine. This practice emphasizes deep, grounded, passive stretches held for longer periods of time, traditionally three to five minutes. Yin is practiced with the muscles relaxed, instead focusing on the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, joints, and fascia) of the hips, pelvis and spine and energetic meridians of the body. It is a very meditative practice, as we find a comfortable edge, become still and observe the responses of the mind and body. Great for increasing flexibility! The deep stretching Yin yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga.

    These classes incorporate a balance of deep stretches, Yin and Yang styles of Yoga a great combination to leave the body rejuvenated, energized and relaxed and activates the mind, body and spirit.

    Note: No yoga experience required for this class.

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