Beverley McLelland was born and raised in Bruce County.  Always being physically active she came to be a participant in regular yoga classes 15 years ago for the exercise.  Enjoying independent sessions as well as some yoga retreats, along with being prompted several times to be a teacher of yoga, an opportunity came up that she could not refuse.  Being hooked to the practice of yoga, she decided she would like to enhance her own practice.  During her training, she went from the point of thinking, she could not teach yoga to thinking she cannot, not teach yoga.   Through the study of yoga it continues to fascinate her, and the complexity as human beings, combined with not only the physical but emotional and spiritual and how every part of our being is affected and connected.

This training opened doorways to having a deep desire to take other various yoga teachers training’s as well as assisting training courses.  A constant practice and reaping the benefits, soon to follow with a passion to share.  What a gift!  Yoga is like a dance in motion. Sharing the tools to lead a healthy and balanced life, it’s like bringing forward the tools that have already been given to us.  Putting this practice to use every day to help diminish stress in her very busy life and to continue to build a healthy immune system, bringing a calmness and peace.  What a wonderful way to align the body, as well as nurture, heal and restore.

Knowing that this practice of yoga is for everyone and every body, she likes to design her classes for the people present.  The sequences have variations or alternative poses making them all levels yoga classes.   Also learning by taking some time and giving back to herself with the practice of yoga, to replenish, and rejuvenate, from there it only can overflow outward.   “Peace is defined as a quiet heart.” Author unknown

Her intention is to provide a safe space for students to explore, strengthen their body, increase flexibility and balance in mind, body and spirit, while being encouraged to just do your best.  By feeling grounded, and her keenness for knowledge and understanding, Beverley’s joy of teaching lightens her heart.

In addition to yoga, she likes to walk and hike, bike, garden, cross country-ski and travel.  Bev began teaching in 2011, her classes include beginners, restorative, gentle to moderate, yin and yang yoga, with pranayama mixed in and relaxation (meditation), each class varies with a splash of creativity.

We are all unique and our own energy levels can vary each time we get on our mat. Yoga is for everyone, it’s never too late to begin a yoga practice. Come and awaken your body while having fun.

Bev began teaching in 2011, and will always be a student of Yoga.